The Tony Sweet DVD Bundle

Presented by Tony Sweet Instructional Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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This photography workshop set includes a total of 5 photography how-to videos.


This photography workshop set includes a total of 5 photography how-to videos. That’s over 10 HOURS of photography instruction and inspiration. Travel from The Great Smokey Mountains, to Eastern State Penitentiary, and on to Charleston South Carolina. A truly cost effective way to improve your photography!

Visual Artistry: The Art of Pre-Visualizing in Modern Digital Photography

With this photography how-to workshop, join master photographer Tony Sweet on location in Charleston, South Carolina, and learn photography techniques that help to take advantage of today’s digital optimization tools, giving your images a one-of-a-kind look. Understanding how digital post processing effects your photography is invaluable while working in the field and can lead to new creative possibilities.


  • How-To photograph Infrared
  • How-To create mirrored images
  • How-To make a Digital Sandwich
  • How-To create a Multiple Exposure
  • How-To use Photomerge Stitch
  • How-To shoot High Dynamic Range
  • How-To convert to Black & White
  • and many more

HDR Photography Made Easy

With this photography how-to workshop, Tony Sweet teaches the art of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, one of the hottest techniques in digital photography. HDR photography captures a wider dynamic range than traditional photography is able to achieve. The technique uses a series of exposures at varying levels, and combines them with HDR software (Photomatix). The results range from hyperrealism to surrealism.

Shot on location at Eastern State Penitentiary, “HDR Photography Made Easy” simplifies the steps of fine-tuning exposures in capture, merging with HDR software, and tone mapping the final image. Ten compositions with a range of tonal challenges are set up, captured, and processed. The program covers traditional, Pseudo HDR, and double-image processing as well as Tony’s favorite finishing techniques in Photoshop. “HDR Photography Made Easy” will have you creating your own amazing HDR images in no time.

Tony Sweet’s Visual Literacy

Tony takes viewers on a personal photography how-to workshop experience through the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and into his studio to teach his digital image workflows and describe the real working environment of a successful pro-photographer. This photography workshop was the first release in our series and has been a hit with photography students of all skill levels!

The two-disc set runs more than 4 hours! Filled with practical shooting advice, tips, and all the secrets of a seasoned professional.

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