New England Color: Field Techniques for Great Pictures

Presented by Jim Zuckerman Instructional Level: Intermediate

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Travel along the coast of New England with Jim Zuckerman to photograph the iconic New England locations while the fall foliage is peaking.

Learn Photography from a top Pro in the field!

New England offers a variety of historic locations from the lighthouses of Maine to classic churches and cemeteries in Massachusetts. The fall foliage provides surprising splashes of color around every corner. In this photography workshop, Jim shoots in a variety of lighting conditions from sunrise to sunset and is faced with the challenges every outdoor photographer encounters. With over 40 years experience as a professional photographer, Jim Zuckerman shares a wealth of photo tips, tricks, and experience from the field.

Jim then takes his work back into the studio to show some of his favorite photoshop techniques. The lessons include correcting perspective, creating reflections, and compositing a moon. In an extensive portfolio review, Jim also discusses some of his most challenging photographs, describing the technical and logistical obstacles he overcame to capture some of his favorite and most enduring pictures.

Photography videos are a great way to learn photography because you can easily review more challenging or interesting segments until the techniques become a part of your own photography!

-Jim Zuckerman


  • Sunrise at Portland Head Light
  • The Classic New England Church
  • Fall Foliage Water Scenics
  • The Historic Cemetery
  • Sunset at “Nubble” Light
  • Photoshop Tips
  • Portfolio Review

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