The Great Destinations DVD Bundle

Presented by Tony Sweet, Jim Zuckerman, Steve Kossack Instructional Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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These 3 workshops take you through some of the most iconic photography landscapes from spring to fall to winter!

Travel to the Great Smokey Mountains, New England in autumn, and the incredible landscapes of Page Arizona. These 3 workshops take you through some of the most iconic photography landscapes from spring to fall to winter! With Tony Sweet, Jim Zuckerman, and Steve Kossack, you will experience three different approaches to landscape photography in this photography how-to workshop for the series outdoor photographer.

Tony Sweet’s Visual Literacy

Tony takes viewers on a personal photography how-to workshop experience through the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and into his studio to teach his digital image workflows and describe the real working environment of a successful professional photographer. This photography DVD was the first release in our series of photography workshop DVD’s and has been a hit with photography students of all skill levels!

The two-disc set runs more than 4 hours and 30 minutes! Filled with practical shooting advice, tips, and all the secrets of a seasoned professional.

New England Color

Learn photography with master photographer Jim Zuckerman as he photographs New England in autumn. This area offers a variety of historic locations from the lighthouses of Maine to classic churches and cemeteries in Massachusetts. The fall foliage provides surprising splashes of color around every country road. In this photography DVD, Jim shoots in a variety of lighting conditions from sunrise to sunset and is faced with the challenges every outdoor photographer encounters. With over 40 years experience as a professional photographer, Jim Zuckerman shares a wealth of photo tips, tricks, and experience from the field.

Disc ONE is set throughout New England and gives the viewer a chance to see some iconic locations as well as some typical settings that you may find in your own home town.

Disc TWO, Jim takes his work back into the studio to show some of his favorite photoshop techniques. The lessons include correcting perspective, creating reflections, and compositing a moon. Jim then reviews an extensive portfolio of some of his most challenging photographs, describing the technical and logistical obstacles he overcame to capture some of his favorite and most enduring pictures. This photography how-to set is a great way to learn from a true master photographer at the top of his game.

Every Picture Tells a Story

Experience a private photography how-to workshop through the breathtaking scenery of northern Arizona with renowned landscape photographer and workshop leader Steve Kossack. Much more than just a collection of photography tips, watch and learn as Steve photographs the iconic beauty of Horseshoe Bend, Lower Antelope Canyon, and The Wave. In this photography DVD, Steve will inspire and enlighten viewers on the techniques he has perfected, allowing him to create the stunning landscape imagery he has become so well known for capturing. “Every Picture Tells A Story”  is about the journey of learning photography.

Born and raised in Southern California and professionally trained in photography with the intent of teaching, Steve Kossack’s approach differs from most. He was experiencing these areas long before he had a camera and feels very privileged to be able to share his passion and knowledge with others. Steve’s experience, and unique way of seeing has brought enjoyment, and enlightenment to many of his photography workshop participants. He’s hopeful that the dedication and discipline to landscape photography can be seen in the many blog contributions to “Focus on Singh-Ray Filters”, throughout his website and his photography DVD “Every Picture Tells A Story”.

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