Getting Started in iPhone Photography

Presented by Tony Sweet Instructional Level: Beginner

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Unlock the creative potential of the camera you always have with you and discover why the iPhone is one of the most popular cameras for both the enthusiast and the professional.

Tony Sweet: iPhone Guru

The iPhone has become a popular choice for many creative photographers, both professional and amateur. It’s a convenient and powerful tool for creating unique imagery. With a rapidly growing number of photography apps, the possibilities are seemingly limitless.

Tony Sweet has emerged as of those professionals who have adopted the iPhone into their work and has become one of the Gurus of iPhone Photography. Getting great results can be easy and fun once you’ve learned what is possible with some of the most popular iPhone photography apps available. Join Tony on a workshop in Cape May and learn how he uses these photography apps to both shoot and process his unique and imaginative images.


  • Hipstamatic
  • iDrost
  • ClearCam
  • Diptic
  • Pro Camera
  • Slow Shutter
  • Pic Grunger
  • Pro HDR  & True HDR
  • You Gotta See This
  • Photo Wizard
  • FX Photo Studio
  • Picture Show
  • Bad Camera
  • Plastic Bullet!

“Getting Started in iPhone Photography” is the first workshop of a series of progressively more advanced lessons that will quickly get you started on your journey into iPhone Photography.

At almost an hour of instruction, this mini-workshop is one of our best deals yet!

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