Getting Started in Digital SLR Photography

Presented by Adam Barker Instructional Level: Beginner

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Build a solid foundation on your photographic journey and take the mystery out of how to create amazing images. This is the perfect workshop for any new photographer or the early beginner looking to refresh their skills.

INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED PHOTOGRAPHER ADAM BARKER has a passion for photography matched only by his zest for life. Known for bold landscape and active lifestyle imagery, his work has translated into stirring editorial work for Outdoor Photographer, Skiing, Flyfish Journal, USA Today and many more publications. He has drawn praise for his teaching style and workshops both domestic and abroad.


The fundamentals of photography, photographic terms and basic composition can be challenging for any beginner. In this workshop, Adam takes a simple approach to explaining the fundamentals of photography on-location in New York City.

The workshop is divided into easy to follow segments that will produce great results and provide a solid foundation for the beginner photographer. Adam also defines many common photography terms to help demystify the language of photography.


  • How your DSLR camera works; the mode dial, hand-held shooting, and shooting from a tripod.
  • How the ISO, Shutter speed, F-Stop and the light meter work to create an exposure.
  • Using the histogram to understand your exposure.
  • Understanding lenses; Zoom lenses, Wide Angle, Medium and Telephoto.
  • The rule of thirds, leading lines, simplifying, backgrounds, and frames.
  • Polarizing filters, using motion blur, late & early light, sun-stars and panning.

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