Every Picture Tells A Story: On Location in Page Arizona

Presented by Steve Kossack Instructional Level: Intermediate

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Experience a private photography workshop through the breathtaking scenery of northern Arizona with renowned landscape photographer and workshop leader Steve Kossack. From Horseshoe Bend and The Wave to Lower Antelope Canyon, this is any outdoor photographer's dream location.

An Iconic Photographic Landscape

In this photography workshop, Steve will inspire and enlighten viewers on the photography techniques he has perfected, allowing him to create the stunning landscape imagery he has become so well known for capturing. “Every Picture Tells A Story”  is about the journey of learning photography and the philosophy Steve takes with him out into nature.

Professionally trained in photography with the intent of teaching, Steve Kossack’s approach differs from most. He was experiencing these areas long before he had a camera and feels very privileged to be able to share his passion and knowledge with others. Steve’s unique way of seeing has brought enjoyment and enlightenment to many of his photography workshop participants.


  • Coyote Buttes & The Wave
  • Working with a Tilt-Shift Lens
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Shooting a “Backwards” Image
  • Lower Antelope Canyon
  • The Flying Angel
  • The Flying Angel Reversed
  • Anchored Abstracts
  • Portfolio Lecture
  • Closing Statement
  • Bonus DVD material includes The Landmarks Portfolio

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