Discovering Your Vision In Black & White Photography

Presented by Cole Thompson Instructional Level: Intermediate/Advanced

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Develop your own photographic style and awaken your artistic passion on a location workshop in Death Valley National Park. Cole Thompson teaches his simple approach to creating unique and personal images, revealing how he found his own vision by focusing on his imagination.

“For me, color records the image, but black and white captures the feelings that lie beneath the surface.” – Cole Thompson


Cole Thompson has been shooting in black and white since he first became interested in photography as a young boy living in Rochester New York. His passion to create has taken him along a journey of self-exploration as a photographer and artist. In this workshop, Cole demonstrates his simple approach to capturing digital black and white images and the processing techniques he has found that will produce stunning images of your own.


  • Camera Set-Up for Digital Black & White
  • Following Your Instincts
  • Composing a Great Black & White Image
  • The Effects of The Polarizer
  • Choosing Your Subjects
  • Creating Options
  • Capturing the Unexpected
  • Looking at Contrast
  • Looking at Light
  • Cole’s 50/50 Rule
  • Pre-Visualizing Your Image
  • Cole’s Greatest Hits Portfolio
  • Processing Digital Black & White

Photography how-to videos are a great way to learn photography because it allows the viewer to easily review any section that is more interesting or challenging until the techniques becomes a part of your own photography skills!

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