Be a Photoshop Guru: Unlocking the Hidden Genius Behind Photoshop’s Tools

Presented by Jim Zuckerman Instructional Level: Beginner

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iTunes HD Download
Take advantage of Photoshop's best tools designed for photography and learn how to use them creatively and become a Photoshop Guru.

Unlock your Creative Guru

Whether you have been using Photoshop for years or just learning for the first time, you will quickly discover new applications to create stunning images with this instructional workshop. “Be a Photoshop Guru” introduces the most important tools in Photoshop and then gives you very creative ways of applying them for amazing results.

Jim Zuckerman is a master at inspiring photographers to constantly think outside the box, and he will expand your creative horizons beyond what you thought possible. Jim has been doing special effect photography since 1969, and when Photoshop came along he fell in love with it because he realized there are virtually no limits to its creative potential. Jim is thrilled to share with you the techniques he uses to create some of his favorite pictures.

Photoshop isn’t difficult to master, but there is a lot to remember. That’s why an instructional DVD is so invaluable. You can play and replay the techniques until they become part of you.

-Jim Zuckerman

In this workshop Jim uses CS4, however, this program is designed to help users of any version of Photoshop because it focuses on techniques rather than teaching a specific version of Photoshop. The lessons taught here are applicable to any version of Photoshop. Jim explains each tool and its’ creative application, showing the hidden potential of the tool.

This physical disc format is a DVD-ROM containing Quicktime lesson files. Each lesson is a stunning High Definition file!


  • Replacing the sky
  • Making reflections
  • Create studio lighting with the Gradient tool
  • Explore Layer Masks
  • Making believable composite images
  • The art of precision selections
  • Simulating a polarizer filter
  • and many many more…

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